Bush Calls Amnesty Report Absurd

Not surprising but cataloging it for future reference:

US President George Bush has dismissed as “absurd” an Amnesty International report that said the US was setting back the cause of human rights.



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  1. adbak Avatar

    He also accused the people who have been released from Gitmo of “dissassembl[ing]” the truth, instead of saying the actual word he was looking for “dissemble”. Apparently the evildoers wanted to physically take apart the truth instead of fabricating a lie.

    His “country-boy” speech is highly advantageous for him. Since we normalize ourselves to hearing his canter and accent whenever he’s talking, we’re basically giving him some leeway whenever he “misspeaks” or says something he wants to take back. He says that he meant to say another thing instead of the offensive or naive thing that he really said and we all buy it because we think he’s a dumb hillbilly who has a hard time stringing together sentences. Another way his stupidity and inarticulateness pays off for him is when he’s talking about something major (invading another country, social security, etc.) he has a speech or sentences prepared that use bigger words which, due to memorization, flow out of his mouth easier and make him appear to be smarter on this issue.

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