Bush AWOL Story Pops Again

The story of Bush not fulfilling his duty in the National Guard is out in the papers again. This time – that he was AWOL for over a year. Say what you will – but why can’t they find any eyewitnesses that served with him? Why isn’t this easily disproved.

in Alabama nor Texas has any serviceman, who was at either base come forward, which is remarkable given the resources of the Bush Administration, ever come forward to say – to testify, yes, that he in fact was present for duty during this missing year. DemocracyNow)






3 responses to “Bush AWOL Story Pops Again”

  1. Jeff Avatar

    probably because he wasn’t there.

    Same reason that they say I wasn’t here on base until Monday when I checked in on Thursday. Fubble-bucked the paperwork.

    Since when does Bush actually react to all the accusations leveled at him?
    Why hasn’t anyone come out to say “I was Bush’s superior. He never showed up for a year.” (which, by the way, would show up as a big-bad. That’s not AWOL, it’s desertion–AWOL or Unauthorized Absences only last a month.)

  2. Andy Avatar

    God, every time I see his smile I just lose it! It’s like every pore of his being oozes, ‘I NEVER HAD TO WORK A GODDAMNED DAY IN MY LIFE AND I’LL NEVER KNOW PAIN OR NEED.’ Argh!

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