BSG, Impeachment and Other Concerns

Yeek my nails are getting long I need to trim them before I rip/chew them off during a boring meeting. I also need to get the eyebrows trimmed. I find myself tugging at them to pull out the super long eyebrow hairs (we’re talking like 3/4s an inch!).

I have a ton of email I’m ignoring right now. Not work email – but personal/biz email. I need to remedy that situation. I think I’m getting tech overload. When I get home I don’t want to do anything but sit down and watch telly with Ron.

We just started Battlestar Galactica and it is absolutely stupendous. Wonderful wonderful wonderful television. It is quickly moving up into my pantheon that includes Twin Peaks, Twilight Zone, Star Trek, (most of) 24, (most of) X-Files and (most of) Lost. Simpsons and Seinfeld are in a separate bucket since they pushed the boundaries of comedy and social commentary. Everybody on Twitter is jealous that we get to watch the entire thing without waiting week to week for a new episode or months for a new season. Wikipetey says the show debuted in the UK first which is probably why it is so good.

You know that Oreo commercial where the father and son are on a teleconference and they share a cookie together and the son is going to bed and the father is just starting the day in Tokyo? I think the dad is hawt.

It might be my own greying or The Advocate’s flogging that grey is the new blond but I notice grey-haired men more lately. I do want to say I think it is beautiful when an older woman lets her hair grow long and has grey in it – trying to think of someone that does that. It just seems very freeing.

Anyway. Saw one of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen while we were riding the train to the Castro. He was probably mid-40s or 50s with mostly grey hair. White and black striped long-sleeved shirt that hugged a pretty fit physique. Tattoo ink peeking out from his neck and sleeves. Jeans. And a new white iPhone 3G. Very handsome and virile and sexy. Wished I’d asked him for a picture.

Chatted up with one of my long time chat buddies. This guy and I have been on eachother’s instant messaging lists for at least 9 years. He’s in Phoenix. Ron already has a crush on him because he’s another PWB: Pasty white boy.

I was sick most of last week with headache on Monday and Tuesday and then very bad cold and congestion on Wednesday and Thursday. Heavily medicated for the Blogher convention which was on Friday and Saturday (still need to finish my write up from that). I think I’ve been spreading my plague because Daisy at work is sick and then Ron had a really realy bad fever on Sunday night. Shaking and such, ice cold hands and feet. Some naproxen brought his fever down and he seems to be over the hump after calling in sick the past couple days.

Astro is doing laps. Downy is using the router as a pillow. They slept on Ron a lot when he had a fever. It was like sleeping with a charcoal briquet.

It is captivating to me the camerawork in use on Battlestar Galactica. The shaky-cam during the intimate scenes gives things a much more immediate feel and the zoom-pan-swing! aspect to the spaceship CGI footage makes it seem so much more realistic. It wasn’t until I saw this style that I realized how much my view of science fiction spaceship dogfights is shaped by George Lucas with his operatic camera swinging and too-perfect composition. It also seems they are influenced by the 24 aesthetic of big-momen-zoom-in-and-then-even-closer!

MOst shows would have crapped out on Sharon’s gradual realization of who she is but they are doing a great job in portraying the additive madness that you might be someone else – an enemy – a traitor.

I am glad that Kucinich’s impeachment articles are making progress. Even if they don’t get out of committee at least there is a historical record that someone tried to get this criminal out of office. I just finished Vincent Bugliosi’s ‘The Prosecution of George W. Bush’ for murder. Need to do a real write-up but it is absolutely stunning stuff. The evidence is pretty air-tight and the legal arguments are all there. I might have to read all his books now.

I’m fine with Obama. I think his moving to the center is completely stupid and flipping on telecom immunity is apalling for a man who is a civil rights lawyer. Completely disgusting. McCain is a fucking nightmare. But never underestimate the power of scared stupid white people. If you scare them enough they’ll vote the way you want them to.

Ron is lightly snoring. Downy is still on the Netgear. Astro must be in one of the computer chairs.

It is 8:13. Almost time to hit the showers. I’m still working on my conversion to Movable Type from WordPress. Got Mario working on the port of my theme. I was using the latest release candidate of MT and got an error and am not sure if it is me or the code so I have to ask one of the Perl magicians on The Other Half of the building for some help.






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  1. bib sis Avatar
    bib sis

    wait until you see what happens at the end of season one!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you, it’s making me want to watch the whole series over again. What do you think of Gaius’six?

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