Brutish Manliness Back In

WaTimes reports Manly Men Are Back

  • Harris Survey (commissioned by Dodge trucks)
  • 75 percent of women said their ideal man buys his grooming products at a grocery store or drugstore, not a salon Like American Crew pomade? Or body sprays? Tons of fruity stuff at Walgreens
  • 2 percent of women said their ideal man spends his free time doing home-improvement projects Like finishing that goddamn kitchen
  • 47 percent of women said their ideal man spends his money on electronics, compared with 9 percent who answered "designer clothes." And the rest said he stays at home finishing that goddamn kitchen while she can go out shopping
  • 90 percent of women said they prefer low-maintenance, easygoing guys Like a good appliance

Challenged by Reason‘s Nick Gillespie

  • Fashionable and dependable is a false dichotomy
  • Masks 2 conservative messages:
    1. Metrosexual threatens the Right because it is proof men acceptance breakdown of traditional gender roles
    2. Reinforces Red/Blue State Beer/Lattes NASCAR/Yoga dichotomy
  • Equals: Liberal/progressive men are effete and afraid to grow up






2 responses to “Brutish Manliness Back In”

  1. Jef Avatar

    Well, I got the electronics part right and I don’t smell fruity. I think that should count for something.

  2. wally wonka Avatar

    look up sexual frustration and i think youll find a picture of a metrosexual.

    went to a breeder bar last night, and goddamn it if i havent seen such a bunch of perfectly sculpted, perfectly attired, perfectly coiffed, perfectly smooth, perfectly tan guys crammed into the same space. DAMN THEIR EYES!

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