Broadening Your Reach

The radiator is clunkying and hissing. I spent last night trying to find some of my plays on my external hard drive. I think that they are zipped up and that’s why I might not be able to find them. I have been unable to get Gilbert’s DVD burner to work – and no, I don’t think he pawned a broken one off on me. I’ll probably stop by Best Buy on the way back from the gym and get a DVD burner. I feel very nervous not having everything backed up. The goal will be monthly backups to external media + burned DVDs that I then mail to mom and dad for them to keep someplace safe. They can probably put them ‘under the plate.’ When we used to do yard work for my grandma we wouldn’t take the money she’d offer us we’d tell her to put it ‘under the plate.’ The plate being a small serving plate in her bureau. When it came time for our family vacation, we’d go to the plate to get the money and it would help fund our fun.

I’m already getting the lowdown on a conference in May that might just blow my mind. Some of my favorite people will be presenting and many of my favorite people will be attending. It’s in New York. I can’t wait. I’m hoping I get to present – I know I’m on the list of the possible presenters but I don’t know the full program/syllabus and what the plans are. I’ve already practiced my intro of course because I’m a big dork. Do you rehearse things to yourself? You know like ‘This is National Public Radio, I’m Andy Wibbels’ or Welcome to Democracy Now the War and Peace Report, I’m Andy Wibbels’ or ‘We gather each year to reflect on the past months and present this State of the Union’.

My email newsletter should be hitting 7000 in the next few days. That’s very exciting. I’d love to crank it up to like 80,000. I think it would be awesome to be able to reach that many people. The feed subscriptions for the business blog broke 600 last week. I’d like that to be up to 6000 or so. Which is ALOT. My technorati ranking is in the top 10,000 though Andymatic has floated downward to the top 800,000.






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