Brad Pitt Decides to Adopt Already Adopted Children

Anderson Cooper, my dear: I can’t believe the celebrity garbage you schlep on your show lately. You just nabbed an interview with Clinton and you spend your time on Brangelina’s marriage-less adoption and the Oprah/Letterman non-event.






4 responses to “Brad Pitt Decides to Adopt Already Adopted Children”

  1. Christopher Avatar

    From Sri Lanka to cover the tsunami just one year ago, to this….

  2. Sven Avatar

    Sounds like a typical fag…

    You expected more?

  3. Scudder Avatar

    A spoonful of sugar helps the REAL news go down, I guess. Broadening his fan base?

  4. Gene Avatar

    It’s what he does, my little bunnies. Anderson Vanderbilt is a gossip news reader who ocassionally acts like a reporter.

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