I wrote an essay on my business blog about bookfat. No, not backfat. Bookfat.



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  1. Rick Cooper, The PDA Pro Avatar

    This has nothing to do with book fat or back fat for that matter, but I was curious. I was participating in a forum on marketing and product development and the topic of color came up. Someone was asking about using the color purple on a business card. I commented that you need to consider your audience and that purple is the color of diversity. That begged further clarification, so I added that purple is a symbol in both the African American and gay communities. That lead to more discussion. But, it poses some interesting questions.

    I cited specific sources to clarify my points. In addition to purple or lavender, the gay community has also used a pink triangle as a symbol.

    Traditionally, purple is associated with royalty and magic. It can also evoke feelings of fun and energy.

    My point was that you need to consider your target market or audience when selecting colors.

    What I’m curious about is the flip side. Do companies use certain colors to market to the gay community? That would include colors used in brands, logos, on websites or in packaging.

    Something to think about.

    By the way, what happened to VW efforts to appeal to the gay community (a la the “Da, da, da” ads from 1997.) The latest ads featuring that demonic little creature that is referred to as your “Fast!” seem to be a complete departure from that effort.

  2. Beastmomma Avatar

    Very informative. I am glad to know that you scheduled massages to help with the tension.

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