Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

We were screwing around at CVS and did that automatic heart rate thingy by the pharmacy:

My bp 129/69. Heart rate is 60. That’s right: I’m a ticking clock. Ron’s bp was high and his heart rate was 93, 50% higher than mine.






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  1. Coop Avatar

    Hi Andy,
    So what are you guys doing about your health? Do you or Ron exercise?
    When I started out as a trainer about 13 years ago, I really didn’t see young people such as “us” (I’m 41) with high blood pressure. Today I am shocked when I talk to prospective clients who are in their 20’s and they have high BP, they’re taking meds for cholesterol, meds for depression…it goes on and on.
    Please take care…and tell your partner too. You only have one body, and without optimal health, life can be shitty, and at worst deadly.
    The good news is that your body will rebound after some clean eating and exercise.
    Best of luck, and health,

  2. Andy Avatar

    We are actually pretty healthy and active for our age group. I lift 6 times a week and eat much better than I used to (for living in the Midwest). I was doing lots of cardio until I got a cold a few weeks ago. High BP does run in the family for me and for Ron (Ron also has high cholesterl from family). I also theorize that there might be a factor with him being a flight attendant and going through pressurization so often…? I was surprised by heart rate and BP were low since I’m a pretty high-strung guy. I also think the prevalence of prepared foods is probably the biggest factor for my/our generation/age group.

  3. JB Avatar

    Wish I had the time for 6 times a week. High BP also runs in my family, so I’m concerned about it myself. Mine’s not too marvellous, but we’ll see how things go.

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