Bloglines Dump

I have a ton of items in my Bloglines account. I’m dumping them here:

Greg on the Gay Vote in 2004.

I haven’t linked to Johnny’s blog in a bit. If you like Asian food you need to read it. Guy is obsessed.

Jake (who we saw on the street with Cuddles McSnuggles on Friday night) goes off on Time magazine. And manages to show himself shirtless again.

Terrance on Gannon gay-baiting, BlogActive’s outings and… hell – just go read all of his blog. Including Black Gay People.

Andy’s History of the Anti-Gay Movement post.






One response to “Bloglines Dump”

  1. Jake Avatar

    Yes, that was Cuddles McSnuggles you saw with me that night. Sorry I didn’t get back to you whan you asked earlier.

    And I apologize for all the weird quote thingies in my Time post. They don’t show up under my regular URL — just the URL specific to that post. Weird.

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