Blake Trial Juror Sells ‘Judgement Day' CD

Did anyone catch this asshole on Larry King last night?

They interviewed two jurors, involved in the Robert Blake trial.

One of whom, Roberto Emmerich, answers Larry’s question by showing off his self-published CD with his memoirs of the trial.

KING: All right. Roberto, are we saying tonight that, in your opinion as a juror, Robert Blake didn’t do this or the state didn’t prove it?

EMERICK: Well, I’ve just got to tell you right off the bat. As I was going through this trial, it was very emotional, and it took a couple years off my life. And what I did was I chronolized (ph) everything and I put it on a CD. And here it is, “Judgment Day.” And it’s available live on As far as answering your question, if you can repeat that again, I will.

What an opportunist asshole!

I thought Nancy Grace was going to have a stroke.

GRACE: I’m speechless that this guy Roberto Emerick, don’t tell me he’s giving away those CDs. I’m sure, although I haven’t logged on to try to buy one, that he’s making money off the blood of Bonny Lee Bakley? I’m stunned, I’m stunned that a juror throughout the trial was making a CD to put online to sell.

All the advisors said there is probably a 90-Day quiet period before anyone connected with the trial can profit from it (of course these advisors were probably just jealous because they were all prepping their own books).

I actually screamed ‘Stupid fucking Americans!’

Ron turned to me and said, ‘Honey, that’s my line.’

If I see Ashley Smith on one more channel. I might just lose my mind.

Between the Peterson death sentence, the Blake acquittal, the Nichols hostage taking and the Jackson trial – I need to put in the Loony Tunes DVDs!

Bought The Incredibles last night. What a great movie. I love Edna Mode.







3 responses to “Blake Trial Juror Sells ‘Judgement Day' CD”

  1. Jorge Avatar

    Check out this interview with Roberto Emerick by Jon Ziegler show. It is hilarious! What an asshole!

  2. Aaron Bradley Avatar

    Err, ummm… if you are so offended, perhaps you shouldn’t be watching the idiot box so much… it does tend to make idiots of us all.

  3. George Avatar

    Hypocracy is flourishing. Who’s to blame? If it wasn’t for the opportunistic format of news reporting agencies Roberto would not have had this opportunity to use the system. And yes I agree Ziegler is an asshole. The rest of you crying ninnies are just jealous of anyone with the guts for glory. This is America. Everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness. It is your problem if you don’t have the guts to pursue your dreams. Get out in the world and make a difference. Aaron Bradley has the best point of view. and by the way where’s the outrage over Amber Fry and the millions Amazon Books made for her before the Scott Peterson Trial was even over.Well in closing I’m suprised at myself for even bothering to write this.

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