Bill Clinton Chews Chris Wallace Up and Spits Him Out on FOX News and All Critics of His Conduct Re: Bin Laden, Cole Bombing and ‘Wag the Dog'

I still love Bill Clinton. Any guy that can do the New York Times crossword in record time can be in my Oval Office any day. And Clinton post-bypass is fearless. Chris Wallace asks him why he didn’t ‘do more’ to stop Bin Laden. Bill lays him out – not just in tone but completely blasts every single question or insinuation Wallace comes up with. Bill trashes ‘wag the dog,’ FOX News, the neo-cons and the whole right-wing apparatus with deft control and point-by-point articulation.

Video of Bill Clinton’s interview on FOX Sunday Morning with Chris Wallace.

God I miss well-spoken, articulate, intelligent leadership.


Clinton thought he was appearing to talk about his Clinton Global Initiative.

Wallace prefaces his question with "I got a lot of e-mail from viewers.  And I have to say I was surprised, most of them wanted me to ask you this question.  Why didn’t you do more to put bin Laden and al-Qaeda out of business when you were president?" This is the familiar ‘some say’ tactic. I’m not asking this because I want to know but because other people want me to ask it.

Wallace says they’d asked the Bush admin about the Cole bombing but: Vice President Dick Cheney has been on Fox News Sunday 6 times. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has been on Fox News Sunday 9 times. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has been on Fox News Sunday 23 times. And none of them were asked about the Cole bombing at all.

In other news, Bush calls 2700+ American soldiers dead and thousands of Iraqi dead just a comma in the history books.






4 responses to “Bill Clinton Chews Chris Wallace Up and Spits Him Out on FOX News and All Critics of His Conduct Re: Bin Laden, Cole Bombing and ‘Wag the Dog'”

  1. Maddge Avatar

    Chris wallace just lost his job.

  2. Jake Avatar

    I saw it! I had a big smile the whole time. Finally, someone had to shut up the neo-zombies. All it took was for an angered ex-president Bill Clinton. Hopefully this rallies the Democrats. They need to stand up!

    Now, my only regret was that I didn’t watch it with my blinded republican parents!

  3. Joe Avatar

    OMG…I love Bill Clinton. And I so agree with you. He’s dignified, respectable, intelligent and articulate. I miss him so much I almost cried!

  4. Donna Avatar

    Watching that made me wish there were no term limits. I think after a four year break the president should be able to run again. This way if the country has become too prosperous because of competent leadership and mistakenly think this makes them all republicans, then they can rectify the error later.

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