Best Buy and Beyond

(from Tuesday night. It is 9:02pm EST.)

Dad and I swung by Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond and some other place today at the new strip mall area.

When Brigitte and I began our drive down Veterans Parkway (formerly Highway 131), I exclaimed: We’re home! Not a locally-0wned business as far as the eye can see!

Dad and I had lunch at the Elks club with one of his long-time buddies (a former Exalted Ruler of the local Elks). The chicken sandwich was sub-bar but I made the difference by raiding a tin of Royal Dansk cookies.

Dinner was ravioli and a salad.

Ron called while I was out with dad and told mom he’d lost his laptop and that he was very upset and he knew I’d yell at him and that I should be gentle when I called back. I really wasn’t mad at him  – I did get mad when he lost the digital camera a few months ago – but for me the loss of a laptop is tragic only for the loss of data. I cringe when I hear about people losing data, personal writings – especially personal writings. Ron’s not sure how the laptop disappeared since he know he boarded it on his flight home since he remembers taking it out for security. Who knows. Luckily he has password protection so that should lock out any prying eyes – but I am going to ask that he gets insurance for the laptop in case of theft during travel as well as that software package where your laptop ‘phones home’ if stolen – when it is online it talks to a central service that can then determine the location of your missing hardware.

Had the preview call for the podcasting course that starts next week. I think it’ll be a fun course. I’ve ordered a set of those binaural headset/microphones that record the sound coming into your ears so that the listener then hears your world in stereo – I thought that’d be a fun way to record a podcast as I walk to the gym or back in the morning.

Been working on my master project plan for 2007 Q1. Mostly it is iterating the same tasks over and over again for the three courses that I’ll be running. Alot of the preparation is to be sure that I’m able to fully engage my affiliates since I have almost 550 of them. I also have two top secret projects – probably the best ideas I’ve ever had that I’ve got a budding partner for one of them and then I need to get some consultation on another one with some legal eagles.

I miss the kitty already. Ron was over there tonight applying the purring cat to his laptop-less tired mind.

One of my sister’s cats has a urinary blockage so I don’t know if she’ll make it up for the holiday. My brother-in-law isn’t going to be up since he has to do a server move at work (he’s a networky-sysadmin guy).

Dad and I also visited some folks that run a knitting and yarn shop. Mom and dad have thought of opening up a weaving and yarn shop – the main problem is that the looms take up a large amount of floorspace. But his couple had yarn woven from an Australian wooly opossum as well as fibers spun from recycled liter bottles, corn fiber, soybean fiber… very fascinating.

I am starting to nod off a bit and am typing this with one eye open.

We’ll probably be going to Tommy Lancaster’s for Thanksgiving. I think one of my aunts is coming with us. Lancaster’s was always the place to eat and be seen for my grandparents.

My test of ripping my X-Files DVDs to my iPod actually worked. I have the four episodes of the first part of the Mythology set of DVDs to watch on the flight back.

Sy Hersh says that we will invade Iran regardless of what Congress says. And I’m guessing that draft legislation will DOA in the House. Americans love to wage war but usually can’t bring themselves to die for it. It’s all good and fun until rich white kids start dying. I think the Bush twins should be kneedeep in bloody-bodies before any other civilians are recruited into the military.

Bush insists that the Iraqis want us there and that we’ll stand down when they stand up. But a recent poll of Iraqis makes it perfectly clear that they want us the hell out of their country within a year. I hope they tear up all the oil arrangements made before the democracy was installed as well. But I know that won’t happen. James Baker was in there to ensure it all stays wrapped up and bequeathed to anybody but the Iraqis.






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