Ben Stein On Bush the Peacemaker

Ben Sten on Bush: 

CAVUTO: So, given the positive turnout in Iraq, will it be a positive for our U.S. markets and will it help to finally take the Dow back above 11,000? We didn’t quite see it today, but it’s sort of like waiting for Godot. Eventually it’ll happen. […]

CAVUTO: Ben Stein, Ben Stein? What say you?

STEIN: I think it’s an incredible plus for Mr. Bush. I think Mr. Bush is going to go down in history as one of the great peacemakers and democracy-builders in the history of the world. I think his reputation is going to grow by leaps and bounds after this.

And dipshit: You don’t know the ending of Waiting for Godot do you? 

How can you be a peacemaker when you’ve waged wars? 







4 responses to “Ben Stein On Bush the Peacemaker”

  1. sam Avatar

    How can you be a peacemaker when you’ve waged wars?

    Easy! You’re a Republican! Stick a fork in him.

  2. J Avatar

    Isn’t the whole NSA spying thing enough grounds to impeach Dubya?

  3. JB Avatar


    His reputation is going to grow in leaps and bounds! One of the great peacemakers!

  4. TimP Avatar

    All respect for Ben Stein, Gone.

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