Below Zero

Last night was the coldest night of the winter – and I believe it. Just being outside today totally kicked my ass with the violent freezing wind. It’s nuts to think humans thought it was a good idea to settle here. I sometimes think that about a lot of places. Maybe it’s culturo-ethno-elitist of me – but why should we support people continuing to live in shitty surroundings? For example a third world country where nothing can grow and nothing ever will grow – why keep pumping money in to a hopeless land. I’m sounding so Reaganomicscs here. Hmmm… I’m going to stop before I sound like an even bigger bigot.

Brigitte’s birthday is today and we are all having dinner at Heaven on Seven. I predict yummy goodness for all. I will try my best to navigate a bread-free meal – we shall see.

I got a lot done today – I think because I took time in writing my journal this morning to decide what I was going to do today. Like ‘write in my blog.’ Stuff like that. I found out that hot cocoa can give me a panic attack – or at least make me over-heat. Last weekend I had a hot cocoa and had to go outside to cool down – I had steam rolling off my face – I could see it! I thought it was just because I was sort of cornered at the Starbucks. But I was out with Ron yesterday – he bought a printer at Best Buy – and we went to Starbucks and I slammed down a large hot cocoa – about five minutes later the beads of sweat began to form on my forehead. It might have to do with the rate at which I drank the stuff – but it is good to know.

Went out dancing with Ron on Saturday night – we hadn’t been to Circuit in a long time. I’m officially over the dance clubs for a couple of months at least. The first hour was fun but then it just got bo-ring.






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  1. Gabi Avatar

    Hi! I read your blog! I am a bi-polar too. Maybe, reading ech other we can deal better with it!
    your brazilian friend!

    Hey Cutie,
    Next time drink your Hot Cocoa slowly. NO HOT COCOA FOR YOU!!!!! this summer. I thought that the panic attack came about because we were out with your sister and Brooks, and you were worried that things will be said that need not be said.

    Your Baby

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