Batman vs Rorschach from Watchmen

“Rorschach is a guy who, like most people, has always existed in a world of moral absolutes. However, the horrors he encountered brought him to the realization that there is/are no god(s) and no moral absolutes. What is moral, what is just, is what we determine. What we impose. More horrific than the knowledge that there is no god is perhaps the corollary: There is no devil. Therefore, all evil, even something as vile as chopping up a child and feeding it to dogs, is of human origin. We are solely responsible for what we choose to do, however noble or terrible that may be. The cruel, the insane, and the predatory use violence to impose their moral reality on the rest of the world, even on innocent little girls. So why shouldn’t Rorschach use violence to impose his moral reality on the criminal? Rorschach has clearly rejected the social contract, but in the society in which Watchmen exists, this may be entirely reasonable. He points to his observations and the pedophile in particular as justification of this.
You may have philosophical disagreements with vigilantism (I know I do) or theological disagreements with his conclusions, but Rorschach has clear reasoning and fairly sound justification for believing as he does. His choices are not irrational. They’re calculated.”

Deradius comments on Batman VS Rorschach.






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