Barbershop Panic Attacks

I think that anxiety attacks at hair salons and barbershops are the worst.

  1. You are stuck sitting in a chair.
  2. You have no one to look at but yourself in a mirror.
  3. You have to remain still so the barber can cut your hair.
  4. As you flopsweat, your cut hair sticks to your face.
  5. You feel sorry for the barber that has to deal with this client that is sweating like a pig for no apparent reason.
  6. The barber capes these days are made of plastic so as your body overheats, the heat can’t escape and basically cook like a potato wrapped in Saran Wrap.
  7. The barber wants to make sure that they do a good job and they take their time and all you want to do is stand in front of a walk-in freezer.
  8. You have no idea why today you had a panic attack at the barber when you’ve sat in that chair at least ten times a year for the past three years.






4 responses to “Barbershop Panic Attacks”

  1. George Deeming Avatar

    Ya just need a hug, babe…

  2. jakester Avatar

    Wow, thanks for reminding me why I’m glad my hair fell out long ago…

  3. sven Avatar

    Was he trimming off a bit too much? I get nervous and panic a bit when they take too much off.

  4. J.P. Avatar

    If you really want to experience a barbershop panic attack sometime, try getting a shave! Once you get past the initial thought of a man coming at you with a bare blade, it’s actually quite relaxing.


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