Barbara Bush on Those Lucky Lucky Poor

Barbara and George H. were just on Larry King and Barbara said that it really meant a lot when her idiot-savant son flew over the wreckage. Like all the mythic poor turned skyward and thought That’s George flying overhead – I just know it! I’ll go check the televisi- oh that’s right I don’t have any goddamn electricity in this shithole stew of disease, rape, death and human waste.

But reach again for that vomit bag as she talked to folks at the Astrodome:

What I’m hearing which is sort of scary is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this–this (she chuckles slightly) is working very well for them.

What a soul-less ghoul.






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  1. Danelle Avatar

    I as well just about became physically ill when I watched Larry King tonight. I am a parent, as well as the Bush’ s. However , I am not a parent of a dictator, a murderer,a stuttering idiot, a self absorbed republican, a crook, a racist, or someone who goes against the U.N. to start an illegal war because she wants to use a fellow dictator as a scapegoat for her own agenda. An agenda that has all the pleasantries ranging from being best buddies with one of the biggest threats to mankind and one of the biggest oil producers, taking vengance for “almost killing” her daddy, to covering up the fact that she forgot to read a report from the C.I.A about how other people wanted to kill as many of her fellow countrymen as they could(among other things). But, I would love Wynter anyway even if she were any of those things, or had that specific agenda. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t sit there in front of the dreadfully hunched over(God, you have know idea how much that irritates me) Larry King saying how proud I was of her for it. I know you get feebleminded and dumb when you get to be 80-something, but when your child is the leader of the richest and one of the srongest countries of the world, and it is facing the biggest and most devastating natural disasters of its history they shouldn’t worry more about how much it will benifit them to have a conservative leading The Supreme Court.(Old what’s-his-face wasn’t even cold yet, not that I care.) Their first priority should be to tend to the people that need help. Why was he not quick to respond anyway, are those not red states? Anyway, my advice to the Bush’s: just go home, dissown that chump son of yours, and stop laughing at the poor people that probably voted for your dictator of a son.

    You are probably wondering if I would do any of those things I advised those old raisins to do. Probaly not. But my daughter won’t have to grow up seeing me have almost the same non-qualities and agenda being President and then following in my footsteps if she became President too!
    Note: I don’t hate Republicans in general, just the one that leads them. Thank you.

  2. Beastmomma Avatar

    I am glad that I did not see the interview on television. I think that my head might have exploded. Seriously.

  3. palochi Avatar

    In the middle of the interview, I suddenly found myself talking back to the television, saying “just die already, old woman” over and over and over…

  4. Mike Avatar

    What do we expect? History repeats itself and I fully expect that in the next few weeks we’ll see on tv that we need to “be prepared to make sacrifices”. Oh, but these poor folks shouldn’t worry….living in the AstroDome is really working out well for them.

  5. Sven Avatar

    I kinda want Bea Arthur to get mid-evil on her ass.

  6. sam Avatar

    I’d like to see her wake up locked in a room full of negroes.

  7. palochi Avatar

    Bea (waving her finger): “God’ll get you for that, Barbara.”

  8. JJ Avatar

    …What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is that this is just more evidence that the mutation resulting in blithering idiocy must be X-linked…

  9. Jim Avatar

    Typical bleeding heart liberal rhetoric. I suppose you expect the federal government to wave their magic wands and make the waters part, highways appear where there are none, trucks full of supplies and troops fall from the sky, and ships steam from Norfolk in 2 hours flat.

    Here’s something to think about: If the people IN New Orleans can’t get OUT because there is no egress, how in the hell do you suppose support can immediately get IN by same avenues?

    Don’t forget the thousands of troops in the area already, the dozens of military helicopters conducting search and rescue as soon as conditions were marginally favorable for operation of said aircraft and the many ships full of supplies en route from ports on the Eastern seaboard. Sorry, it took months to move divisions overseas for Iraqi Freedom (that you continually badmout) yet we have brigades en route to the Gulf Coast in only days.
    I guess when you’re an armchair quarterback (or president, general, et al) it’s always easier than reality.

    They say that these tragedies bring out the best in the best and the worst in the worst. If the best you have to offer is sitting at your pc and bitching, perhaps you should get off your ass, go to the gulf coast and put your back into it.

    Funny how the government issues a mandatory evacuation order, you watch hundreds of people who could get out, stay there and tell MSNBC, CNN et al “this house has been here a hundred years, it’ll be here another hundred”, then, out of the other side of their mouths when it’s over say “WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE GOVERNMENT???” Then, there’s always the poor, who sit around, cry about how America sucks while they continue to have more children that perpetuate their situation, and blame every successful American for their plight.

    Although I consider myself conservative, Darwin is most likely right. It’s not that I don’t care, because I do. I’ve lived through many hurricanes and support the Red Cross both financially and through volunteer work. Someone has to say this:


    In closing, VOTE DEMOCRAT, IT’S MUCH EASIER THAN GETTING A JOB. Which leaves you plenty of time to watch tv and badmouth your country via the internet.

    PS: You probably elected a lot of this government. The president doesn’t have as much power as you’d like to think. Visit your old high school and sit through Government class again!

  10. Mike Avatar

    Jim is right. The government is not our Mommy and Daddy; thank heavens. Mine would have done everything in their power to protect me.

    It is ultimately our responsibility to make the right choices. Jim suggests however that we should all sit back and take for granted that our elected officials have effectively managed the time and money spent since 9/11 to develop scenarios and plans to protect our people, property, and enviroment.


    It is clear that there was a failure on all levels that has resulted in the devastation of a major American city, disruption to our economy, and embarrassment to our Nation. This Administration ignored the warnings, and in fact continues to show indifference to the “American Condition”. People staying in their houses to protect their property did not cause the levees to break and the streets to flood.

    FEMA and Homeland Security’s failure to move prepositioned assets and respond to the plight of the wounded and the urgency of the situation caused people to die. Take your pick which side you want to argue but in the end, those responsible should be the ones to help recover the bodies.

  11. Danelle Avatar

    First of all I would like to make it clear that I AM NOT ANTI-AMERICAN! Second, as long as I live in a democracy I will be an armchair, or Monday-morning quarterback about any issue that I see fit.

    Just to make it clear, and I am sure this might anger some of you here, but I am actually a Canadian. So now I am sure that you will all be thinking what right do I have to talk or bitch about American issues or any American administration, or lack there of.

    Some questions for you. How did you feel on 9/11 when you had to watch thousands of your fellow American citizens jumping out of buildings because they knew they were going to die? Low blow? How about this? How did you feel years later when you found out that it all could have been knowingly prevented? How did you feel when you found out that your Great Leader was sending your fellow Americans off to war and then finding out later that the reason that they were sent never even excisted? Would you go to war? I certainly wouldn’t. I’ll be honest. I guess my values are different.

    I believe in equallity for all. I believe that every man, women, and child is a beautiful creation of God and should be respected as such. I believe that you should help and comfort your fellow man when they are in need. I am Pro Choice. I believe in same-sex marriages. I believe that same-sex couples should be able to addopt or have children of their own.

    I do not however, believe that the Government is my “mommy”. I have a job, which makes it terribly difficult to sit and watch T.V. all day and then bitch about what ghastly things I have seen later. But I try to make up for it when I can. I’ve actually made up for it in different areas in here.

    I do not expect the Government, your Government, to wave a magic wand and go in and make it all better. Magic wands are for fairytales. This is reality. As harsh and as painful as it might be sometimes. I do however expect at least SOME form of Government to make an apearance and a show of empathy when his American citizans are in pain, hungry, dehydrated, and/or misplaced. But when you let a few days go by, and then you go down there just to do your little photo op’s, well, enough said.

    Those people stayed in their homes because it was all they had. All that they had in this free world! I myself cannot judge them for that. So I won’t.

    I would love to become a relief worker for The Red Cross and go and comfort the people that need it. In fact it is a life goal of mine. I would love to be down there right now to hand out food or hugs or just my hand to whoever needs it. My heart bleeds and my many tears fall for those people.But, that will have to wait for a few years till my daughter is old enough to be left with someone else while I go to try and save the world from itself.

    Please do not lash out on people when they state their opinion. If you were offended by any of my opinions, I can not appoligize for that. These are your issues that you are going to have to deal with. We cannot hold the Government responsible, so you can’t hold me responsible when I hit a nerve. What is that saying? Oh yeah. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  12. moby Avatar

    I’d love to hear what Jim thinks a “successful American” is? Last time I checked the size of your wallet wasn’t a prerequisite for respect or dignity.

    No one expects the government to ‘waive a magic wand and make it all better’. What they DO expect is better preperation and a quicker response than 4 DAYS! What they DON’T expect is a President who couldn’t be bothered to respond until the problem became so glaringly shameful he had no choice.

  13. palochi Avatar

    Dear Jim:

    I’ve always thought our democracy functioned on the covenant that citizens grant elected leaders great power and authority to make decisions and laws and policy (and pay taxes to allow for such things). In return, for granting them such powers, elected leaders (and those hired by them) are expected to use this authority to the best of their ability to provide for things like — establishing a fair and balanced system of justice, insuring domestic safety and stability in times of crisis, defending us against valid aggressors both foreign and domestic, promoting the general welfare of the citizenry regardless of race, creed or color (forget about sexual orientation – still working on that), and securing our ability to act as individuals with free will within the provision of the law.

    I thought I read something about that back in grade school. I guess I was mistaken. Then again, what do I know.. I’m just another armchair politician-quarterback tax-payer and voter who’s bothered to read the U.S. Constitution.

    What you’re saying is that it’s not about expecting the government to come to the aid of those of its citizens in dire need, even when they occasionally make the wrong decisions (Damn you, sentiment! Damn you, poverty! Damn you, failed self-reliance!). It’s only about being resourceful enough as individuals to not need government assistance at all. Because holding government up to standards would be an… inappropriate request… or something.

    So… we should all just shut up, get a good job, and make enough money to buy a big-ass SUV and handgun to get out of town when the next hurricane/earthquake/terrorist nuke/bio attack happens, so you can reach an active cell zone to call your insurance agent and demand they replace all your crap immediately and give you a little more cash on top of it to assuage your emotional pain. But don’t raise my deductable, Mr. Insurance Agent, or I’ll whine to… uh… the government.

    Who needs a functioning government as long as you’re making $100K or more a year, right? And your life and livelihood should be disposable enough that you can replace it in a month or so, right? Problem solved, right?

    I don’t give a crap if it was GW Bush, JFK, Nixon, or even Abraham Lincoln in the White House last week – the government is ultimately responsible to maintain the welfare of people in a time of crisis, via the compact initiated by the U.S. Constitution.

    Tell the idiots running the show to stop whining about how hard it is to do their jobs. As you’ve said, we all make choices — theirs was to take a job running the government.

    If I blow a serious deadline at work, and it affects our relationship with a client, I could get fired for it. However, if the government doesn’t provide a quick enough response to assist in times of need, people can die for it — but the President or any of his staff shouldn’t have to face a vote of no-confidence or lose their jobs?

    Yeah. That makes perfect sense.

  14. Jeffrey Avatar

    It’s nice to see that Jim can keep Barbara company in being hopelessly out of touch.

    I figured that was a nicer thing to say than what I really think, which I will reserve for my own blog….

  15. Aaron Avatar


    Typical bleeding brain conservative rhetoric.

    From the party of personal accountability, you sure have a hard time holding the President accountable for his meeting his responsibilities. From the party of meritocracy, you sure have a hard time thinking the President need to do anything other than occupy the office.

    Sorry, the job of President comes with more than taking vacations that would make a French labor-organizer blush. As the President said himself, “It’s hard work.”

    Careful. These bleeding heart liberals are taking over your party’s better notions of accountability, meritocracy, and responsibility. And America will be stronger because of it.

    Gawddamned, there you go again making me wistful for Eisenhower Republicans, which is about as dated as your views of liberalism.

  16. sam Avatar

    Last time I checked the size of your wallet wasn’t a prerequisite for respect or dignity.

    Or even citizenship for that matter. “Refugees.” Hrmph. And all this time I thought all you had to do was be born on US soil. Stupid Texas education.

  17. Tricia Avatar

    Jim’s comment has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the original post about the condescending “Bar” Bush, and I notice that Jim is one of the very few who does not list a link to his own website so that we can all enjoy more of his bullshit.

    Further, he says it isn’t easy to get into New Orleans. Oh, f’ing Harry Connick can get into the city, along with every reporter in the free world, who arrived within hours, but the Army can’t get in with food? Maybe we should just start drafting journalists and piano-playing, Will & Grace-co-starring, Cole-Porter-singing hotties, then.

  18. palochi Avatar

    Tricia: Now I know what we can do with all of those out-of-work Chicago cabaret performers. 🙂

  19. Glenda Watson Hyatt Avatar

    What I find amazing is how our Vancouver Urban Search and Rescue [from British Columbia – north of the border] was on the scene in New Orleans before FEMA. What does that say??

    I was even more amazed, watching Dateline [for what it’s worth] last night, and this scenario right down to the detail had been described by a reporter a couple years ago. Other experts had also predicted this devastating event but weren’t taken seriously. Kinda like how some had predicted something like 9/11 happening, but preventative measures weren’t taken. Hmm.

    I’m curious to see what lawsuits fall out of this catastrophe.

  20. don Avatar

    I will continue to bad mouth the so called ” Iraqi Freedom ” until a truthful or even logical reason is given or until my friend Sgt *** Russell has his leg back . By the way Sgt russell was in Iraq eleven (11) days after he got the alert call at his 2nd shift job. luckily (?) for him he was back in the states , sans his right leg , within the month.

    I beg you jim! please lose alot of weight fall through your asshole and hang yourself.

    long live the person who gets to slap the shit out of GW !

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