Back to Work

And it is Monday again!

Ron and I channel surfed last night after dinner at Bamee (thai noodles, they have the best green tea bubble tea of the thai places). Ended up watching the last half of Alien Resurrection with Raymund Cruz as the soldier DiStefano who later shows up in 24 as the guy that holds up the convenience store that Kim Bauer is in and then his pregnant wife comes in just as he gets shot.

Much to do today. Lots of meetings. Ron’s off for the week so I’m going to try and manage my time best so 1) I don’t feel like he’s enroaching on my work time and 2) he doesn’t feel like work is enroaching on our us time.

Evidently I have a nice ass. And soft hands. That is something I forgot to mention from the Chicago gay bloggers thing. One of the guys said, ‘I have a really inappropriate question…’ And I was expecting something much much racier. ‘What do you do for your butt because it is really great.’ I think it is inherited. My dad has a beef lower half with tree trunk legs and the strong posterior. He’d say it’s from the hardworking Irish side (as opposed to the goose-stepping German side). It wasn’t until I started dating men that I was informed that baby got back. I just hope it isn’t a bubble butt. I think bubble butts on men are just a bit gross. And the soft hands came from the same guy when I shook his hand after meeting him. ‘Oh my God your hands are so soft! Feel his hands!’ Which resulted in a me being passed around and everybody sampling my baby-butt soft hands. I’m no hard laborer but have lifted weights for years (though with gloves) but I think it is from mom’s stocking the shower with Dove soap all those years. You know it has one quarter moisturizing cream, right? And that’s the one that Marilyn Chambers modeled for right (99.44% and then she went Behind the Green Door).

It’s cooled off a bit lately which is nice – the kind of weather I wish we had here all the time.

CNN had a countdown to the ceasefire which was really annoying. Like some big blowout was going to happen at T minus 1 second. Such a disaster from all sides. And the Taliban is back in Afghanistan and Iraq remains a quagmire and Seymour Hersh just published in the New Yorker that Iran is next. Granted, he said that many months ago too.

I need to get my haircut – it is getting helmet-like since last time I got it so short all around and it is bushy. Ron says this is how I looked on our first date.






4 responses to “Back to Work”

  1. Allan Siew Avatar

    Bamee sounds nice.

    So Dove=Smooth Skin?

  2. Richie Avatar

    Yes, I’ve been using Dove unscented for seven years. Whenever I have a gentleman caller, the skin compliment always comes up and I feel like I’m in a Dove commercial as I look into an imaginary camera. Dove rocks.

  3. JB Avatar

    “It wasn’t until I started dating men that I was informed that baby got back.”


    Made me laugh. I find that spinning and cycling and whatnot has made my bum very hard, something that bf really likes.

  4. Rich Avatar

    I used to use dove and had no problems with it, I even used it all over my whole body – and I mean my WHOLE body (lol).

    Anywayz, when I got with my new guy Carlton, I decided to spice things up a little and got my first ever back, sack and crack wax (OMG!!). It felt really great and it made me feel really confident when going out, now that I wasnt a BSC virgin anymore!!! I would definitely recommend it to other guys. It feels nicer, it looks nicer, the guys in the club love it when I’m on stage and it makes it easier to keep things a lot cleaner down there, now that theirs no hairs for winnits to hang on to (OMG LOL!!!)!!!

    Anywayz, after my first wax I carried on using dove (dove for women, not men – Carlton prefers the taste 😉 ) especially so in that first week after my wax X-[] !!!!! Well, I found that it would give me a rash just around my perineum which can be a total pain in the ass – quite literally!!! As you can imagine, I wasnt having such a good time in the bedroom and my tips at work had seriously suffered 🙁 – nobody wants to see a sore asshole when they’ve paid a $40 cover charge!!

    Anywayz, after the first week I must have tried a new moisture lotion everyweek until I had tried every product under the sun, then one day Tito (Carlton’s concubine) suggested that I try goats milk (OMG)!!!! Well actually it works a treat. I buy it from the convenience store for $1.40 and reduce it down until it becomes thicker so that I can rub it in without running down my legs. Carlton sometimes likes to help me – well he says he wants to help but I think he just wants to rim me, and doesnt actually give a damn about helping me to relieve the burning around my anus!! I love him like sooooo much but sometimes that guy can be too much, he’s always wanting to put his dick in me!!! In fact, last week he tried to slip it in when I was watching Judge Judy so I punched the fucking queer in the face!!

    Anywayz, I guess dove is ok until you get waxed, then its not so good on those oh-so-intimate areas!!!!! (LOL!!) I dunno if any of you guys are waxed but I certainly found dove to be a little course. Having said that, Carlton and his friend Juan Julio Pablo VII sometimes use it for lube and I’ve never felt any burning afterwards?

    Anwayz, later guyz!

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