Back to the Peaks

Radio Shack has a great little generic DVD player now for just $60 – the brand is CyberHome and it’s from Taiwan. Ron and I started watching Twin Peaks last night. I’d had to import the pilot episode from Korea since it is under different licensing than the actual series in the United States. I was happy that no Regional Code kept us from watching it. Plus, the pilot available in the US and Europe has a tacked on ending for when it was released as a stand alone feature in Europe. The import is the original edit. Yeah, I’m Peaks freak.

It was great to go back to my old friends in Twin Peaks. We watched the pilot and then episodes 1-4. I’ve got up to epsiode 7 (the first season) on DVD so I’ll have to get Heather to mail me the remainder episodes on VHS. I was going to explain how the midget is really Mike’s chopped off arm and how BOB really isn’t the murderer but kept quiet. The music from the show was a cassette I played until it wouldn’t play anymore. Such dreamy, dark jazz. The transfer to DVD is spotless and the audio is clearer than the broadcast… there’s always a faint horn of a logging barge in the background. Nobody can go nuts like Sarah Palmer (expect maybe Veronica Cartwright in Alien and X-Files).

I always loved Twin Peaks because it was dark and seedy. Being in a boring small town I always imagined such treachery going on at night down by the Ohio River. I remember we used to go down to the river and light a fire and read depressing poems and lick chocolate frosting off eachother (this was the theatre gang – we were very touchy feely). I can’t wait for Ron to see the episode where BOB throws Maddy through a mirror. That is the single most disturbing moment of television I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t sleep for days and was creeped out every time I looked into a mirror. That and when Alex Cryczek vomits black oil out his eyes in the X-Files. Or the very last episode of season one of 24. Or the Twilight Zone ‘The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street’. Or the new Twilight Zone from the 80s where the prison coffinmaker is going to help the female prisoner escape in a coffin and then dig her up to release her and when the prisoner lights a match in the coffin and sees that the coffinmaker is the one who died. Eeeek! That and the episode of Homicide: Life on the Street where all hell breaks loose and people get gunned down inside the police station.

I got a gig as an artistic coordinator/director for a presentation at a prestigious psychiatrists conference to present a short one act around minority women’s response to political catastrophe. This should be some great juicy work and maybe an entree into more in-depth work.

Got a temp gig on Monday for many hours – and the same job runs many hours in August as well – hopefully I’ll snap up all the hours for this one. I had a panic attack during the training because we were in a small room with eight people. Argh! Embarrassing!

I really enjoy watching TV show collections on DVD because you can see the whole work at one time. We’ll probably delve into 24’s first season as well (season two isn’t out until September dammit!). I also want to watch Oz, Six Feet Under, The Sorprano and Sex in the City. I’d also like to watch the X-Files seasons that really rocked like 5-7. And my favorite Twilight Zone episodes.

The pig-out meal of Thursday turned into a 36 hour gluttonous frenzy ending in us decimating a box of Entemanns donuts at 2 am last night as they put Laura Palmer in the ground.

Another remarkable thing about Twin Peaks is that it was a show of super-hot people. Sherilyn Fenn, Madchen Amick, Laura Flynn Boyle (when she still had some meat on her bones) and later on Heather Graham. That show had some uberbabes. And I always wanted to be Kyle Machlachlan when I grew up – I wore a black trenchcoat in high school for about two years (yeah, I was goth before it was cool). Or Dana Ashbrook. Nevertheless – I’m back on the cardio horse in a half hour and I gotta stock up on tuna and veggies at the grocery.






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