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Someone needs to tell the Lousiville International Airport that they can turn the Christmas carols off now. I think my new least favorite is the rock ‘n’ roll ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ with that syncopated first beat in the chorus. Like adding a percussion downbeat is going to save the song from itself.

Saw a guy in desert fatigues at the Delta line. His last name on his uniform was WIMP. Now that sucks.

Ron is on his way to the Dominican Republic and then back and should be back tonight. I look forward to seeing him as well as kitty. I think I’ll be sleeping most of the day when I get home. Then I need to stock the fridge, buy one or two more presents for Ron and then I’ll be set with his presents. Mom and dad gave me a triptych frame of a picture of them and me in Chicago when we moved to the first new apartment, then one of Ron and I and then one of Ron and I walking down Roscoe – from the back. Good God, my upper back is wide. Yikes.

Heather got me two volumes of the comic strip Get Fuzzy which features a spectacularly hostile cat named Bucky, his owner Rob and Rob’s spectacularly stupid dog – shoot I forgot his name.

OOoo – I am sleepy. I am sitting here typing with my eyes closed. I’m alway sglad that I learned to do that.






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