'Baby Got Back,' 19 Years Later

“I was doing a video and I remember a director asked me what kind of girls I wanted for the video. I said, “Curvy, blah blah blah.” So he got in this debate with me about what beautiful is. His perspective of “curvy” women was sluts, only good for sex. And I was like, “Where are you getting this from?” I realized it was coming from us, it was coming from my own culture. By culture, I don’t mean African-Americans, I mean rap I realized, “Jesus Christ, what are we causing here?” That’s when I said that I wanted to do a song about this from a little different perspective. I still wanted to make it fun and sexy, but at the same time I wanted to let the world know that we think these women are beautiful, not just objects.

“But if somebody asked me what I had in mind when I did it, it would definitely be someone like Shakira. J. Lo at her peak. That is exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the dumbbell shape. The coke bottle. I have friends of mine–like white friends of mine–that say, “White guys just don’t like that.” And I say, “There was a time that you did”– that’s why Marilyn Monroe is considered beautiful. There was a time when you liked curves, and a woman looking like a woman and not a heroin addict. Now, if a girl is anything over 15 pounds we think she’s fat, which is funny.”

Q&A: Sir Mix-a-Lot Talks “Baby Got Back,” Big Butts, and Big Women, The Village Voice






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