Attention- Publishers: 'Iconic' Is Not A Business Model – Forbes

'Just what it means besides "big" and "old" is a little unclear- but for big- old magazines- "iconic" is the self-descriptor of choice. Publishers wave it around like a talisman that has the magic power to make falling ad revenues and shrinking subscriber rolls irrelevant. Magazines that are iconic can never die. They're too beloved by readers- too firmly lodged in the culture. Except that- to judge from the body count in recent years- "iconic" is more nearly a synonym for "screwed." '

Attention- Publishers: 'Iconic' Is Not A Business Model – Forbes

Let's review what the year 2013 hath wrought so far in the media industry. Reader's Digest- staggering under $1.2 billion in debt- has filed for bankruptcy for the second time in four years. Rolling Stone owner Jann Wenner managed to stave off a bankruptcy filing of his own by refinancing $200 mi…





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