At Last, My Arm is Complete Again

Praise the Gods of DHL for delivering my repaired Sony Vaio PCG-SRX87 back safely from the Pacific Northwern laptop repair center of The LCD hinge is no longer floppy or flaccid but stiff and strong and long-lasting.

Extra points for knowing that this post’s title refers to the climax of the song ‘My Friend’ from Sweeney Todd.

Also my Blackberry for work arrived. I’ll be porting my cell# to it at beginning of the week. As the transit system in Chicago melts down, my commute can only grow longer so having devices and connectivity will be a prime directive.






4 responses to “At Last, My Arm is Complete Again”

  1. Brandon Avatar

    Is your notebook plastic? I’ve noticed the bigger plastic one’s tend to be more prone to floppy hinge syndrome. Never had a problem with ones with metal cases. is a good company too for laptop repairs. They do PC’s too, Vaio included. I used them to repair a machine I didn’t have repair coverage for and they did a great job; just sent a box, put the machine in it, and a week later the HD was replaced. It ended up costing more than I had the extended service plan though. Ever since I have made it a point to get it with notebooks and anything with a LCD display.

  2. Lyle Lachmuth - The Avatar

    Yeah isn’t it great when your FIRMware is in good form!

    Happy Commuting!!


  3. Andy Avatar

    This old VAIO is plasticon the inside but has the anodized aluminum outer shell. I suppose I could get it polished. IT is a bit scratched up. The laptop guys were great – it probably would have been even faster if I’d ordered/found the hinges in advance and shipped that with the unit. I also didn’t include my hard drive or battery to save on shipping.

  4. laptop repair Avatar

    I have found many problems with laptop hinges. Sadly most of the companies including sony do not sell the parts. The only companies out of all the big companies to sell parts are Acer amd IBM. On most sony laptops its the plastic that is attatched to the hinges that breaks not the hinge itself.

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