Arrogance and Hubris

Realized I hadn’t posted my reaction to Bush’s press conference.

The press conference was a fucking embarrassment. Analysis from both liberal
and conservative weblogs shows a broad spectrum of reaction.

President Bush showed the world his truest colors: he’s an arrogant, imperialist,
fundamentalist prick that can’t admit a single mistake. No humility. Pandragons
nails it for me:

I have never felt
so angry, so disappointed, so simply disgusted with George W. Bush in my life.

Did anyone else gasp when he said “The Almighty”? Are we back to
Divine Right again?

Nobody hates freedom. I’m serious. We all know it’s a red herring. Nobody hates
being able to do whatever they want and raising their family in a safe secure

Condi looked pissed off. Or tired. Or both.

One of my favorites was:

Mr. President, why are you and the vice president insisting on appearing
together before the 9-11 commission?

He dodged this one and went on about the hand over to a as-yet-to-be named

I was asking why you’re appearing together, rather than separately,
which was their request.

Total avoidance. Total complete an utter avoidance. I’m glad this question
got asked because it publicizes that fact that the administration doesn’t trust
Bush to appear anywhere by himself.

The continual confusion between Saddam’s regime and terrorism had me angry
and embarrassed. The shell trick continues. Iraq was a state – not a terrorist
cell. Notice how terrorism becomes wider and wider to include just about anything
we don’t like. Hmmm… sort of like Communism.

Who chose that tie? Patterns like that on television create a distracting rainbow

A Busy Person’s
Guide to the Bush Press Conference






2 responses to “Arrogance and Hubris”

  1. Andy Avatar

    WaPo coverage of the press conference – before it happened.

    Outside the Beltway links to tons of analysis and discussion.

  2. graham Avatar

    Looking in from this side of the Atlantic, I can’t help but feel so sorry for all you Americans who can see George dubya for what he really is. I imagine you feel as helpless as the rest of us do in this situation. Lets hope November brings better things, fingers crossed..
    g in Ireland 🙂

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