Aristide: Out of Africa

My girlfriend, Amy
Goodman has the
. The Aristides are elated to soon be re-united with their young daughters
and the countries of the Carribean are bracing for what might happen enxt.

What do you talk about on the plane? You’re there with the Aristides and a
handful of delegates. What’s
the small-talk when history is being made?

I always found this the hardest part of playwriting… that transformation
from a character’s ordinary lives to their heroic selves. When I did my Antigone
adpatation it was frustrating to think about what these characters did before
the shit hit the fan. What was Lady Macbeth doing before that fateful day her
horned-up, blood-soaked husband returned
bearing the sweet stench of war
and the sizzle of ambition? This goes back to my constant obsession on history
and biography
, political and personal, the many and the one. Where is your
place in history today – right here, right now?

Oh and I’m gonna go ahead and predict a smear of Congressman
Maxine Waters
for her helping the Aristides through this crisis.

And where the hell can I buy my own sat-phone?






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  1. beastmomma Avatar

    The place between our personal history and global history is a good thing to ponder. I have no idea, but it is good to ponder.

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