AP Gets 2,000 Gitmo Documents

Associated Press just got their hands on over two thousand documents from Guantanamo Bay with the help of the Freedom of Information Act.

“I’ve been here for three years and the past three years, whatever I say, nobody believes me. They listen but they don’t believe me,” says a chicken farmer accused of torturing jailed Afghans as a high-ranking member of the Taliban.

Most of the prisoners’ testimonies at the prison – which now holds about 540 people from 40 countries – haven’t been made public, though the tribunals were open to press coverage. Because of Guantanamo’s remoteness, it was difficult for reporters to stay for indefinite periods.

I still find it apalling the exacting precision in creating the Gitmo prison to be in a legal limbo due to it’s geography and jurisdiction. I can’t believe anyone thinks it is a good idea to jail anyone indefinitely without trial. What the hell kind of country is this?






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  1. mark Avatar

    a lot the of the world has been wondering that for awhile now…

    I’m glad enough USAers are clueing in…

    It’s up to you all and your “democractic” process to figure out

    and DO something about.

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