Anthrax Detected in 2 DoD Mailrooms

The two pieces of mail, the origins of which were not provided, had been irradiated, so officials believed any anthrax in them was inert when they triggered alarms at the two mail facilities on Monday. The Pentagon’s mail delivery site, which is separate from the main Pentagon building, was evacuated and shut down Monday after sensors triggered an alarm around 10:30 a.m., spokesman Glenn Flood said. It was expected to remain closed until at least Tuesday while the investigation continued.






3 responses to “Anthrax Detected in 2 DoD Mailrooms”

  1. Terrance Avatar

    Damn. That means all of our mail here in D.C. will be late…better pay the bills online from now on.

  2. Brooks Avatar

    I thought everybody already paid bills with automatic withdrawal.

  3. moby Avatar

    thank god for email!

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