Angry Flight Attendant Nicoderm Commercial






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  2. Susan Avatar

    I hate this commercial – especially as it repeats over and over – and the women’s voice grates. It makes me swear I’ll never use the product because they are torturing me when I’m trying to watch my TV program.

  3. michael Avatar

    totally disagree with you Susan… of the best commercials I have ever seen…relax susan….”serenity now..serenity now” lol

  4. tammy Avatar

    forget trying to quit smoking. deal with people in a metal tube for 12 hours. anyone would be like this anyway. i have been a flight attendant for 17 years. i can identify with her. i think i will save all of this for my last day on the job. we have laughed and laughed and laughed over this one. it’s a keeper.

  5. feedback Avatar

    I hate it. And it gets worse and worse when they show it every five mins.

  6. Bill Avatar

    One clearly needs to be in the profession to really enjoy this commercial. For those that aren’t, understand that we flight crews fantasize about stuff like this. It makes me belly laugh every time I watch it.

  7. Richard S Gallaher Avatar
    Richard S Gallaher

    She looks like such a nice girl that has lost her mind.
    Anna Silk is a very good actress for this part.
    I don’t think she really ever smoked.
    I like her in this commercial and laugh everytime I see it.

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