Ammo Boxes

Charlie's Angels LunchboxI was at the army surplus place on Belmont by the train stop and there is something about ammo boxes that I like. I just want everything I own in nice sturdy steel boxes instead of large cardboard ones. I still am looking at this build your own computer project: a mini-itx ammo box. I think that’d be a fun winter project for Ron and I. Or we could build one in this Charlie’s Angles (vintage) lunchbox I saw at another store on Belmont.






5 responses to “Ammo Boxes”

  1. Louis Avatar

    That looks like it would be a pretty sweet project. What kind of games would you put on it?

  2. RcktMan Avatar

    My sister had that exact same lunch box as a kid. I, uh, had a, uh, Bee Gees lunch box.

    OK OK I never said I wasn’t a dork…

  3. JB Avatar

    I have an old external CD writer that I rescued from a skip which I was thinking of sticking a mini itx board into. Unfortunately I suspect it’s a bit too narrow…and I kinda have enough computer-related junk sitting around!

  4. Toyo Avatar

    my older sister used to have a lunch box like that. my lunch box on the other hand was “the a-team” 🙂

  5. J.J. Avatar

    You all can bow to the King of All Dorks….my lunchbox was tartan PLAID. WTF was my mom thinking?

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