American Juniors

Has Debbie – sorry, DEB-RUH, Gibson always had the lisp? And just imagine – you’re hearing it after the soung engineers have toned it down.






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  1. michael Avatar

    Ok, Ok, I just “Deb-ruh” in a live performance of Chicago (she was Velma), and let me say– the lisp was more than a little annoying. Particularly after being floored by Catherine’s OUSTANDING theatrical version. Anyway, growing up with Debbie in the 80’s, I NEVER noticed the lisp. Did sound people cut it from her albums? I mean, imagine– “I get lothst, in your eyeths…” That would never have made the top 10… NO OFFENSE MEANT

    I mean, she burst onto stage and yells, “Hello thsucherths!” Wouldn’t you have changed that word? Then she sings (Of course) the sister song–the poor thing. Then a rousing little number in which everything ended in the letters a-s-s. So you know how that went over. Can someone out there tell me if she was in an accident or something that caused the lisp???

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