American Helicopters Launch Missile into Crowd on Live Television

A reporter for Al-Arabiya, was broadcasting live from the scene of a carbombed Bradley Fighting Vehicle, which had attracted a crowd of locals. While making his report, a sudden noise came from behind Mazen. Two Apache helicopters flew in overhead, and one of them started attacking the crowd, with their guns. The crowd, which included several small children, tried to run away. A helicopter launched a missile… His cameraman, Seif Fouad, fell down from the force of the explosion. Mazen’s blood spattered across the camera’s lens and the screams of the dying and injured were heard. Mazen screamed to Seif for help: “Seif, Seif! I’m going to die. I’m going to die.”

Some had pointed to the Apache helicopter. Others jogged slowly from the burning Bradley fighting vehicle. None expected it would shoot at them.

I didn’t imagine the helicopter would fire on the crowd. I looked at the sky and saw a helicopter at very low altitude. Just moments later I saw a flash of light from the Apache. Then a strong explosion.”







6 responses to “American Helicopters Launch Missile into Crowd on Live Television”

  1. thom Avatar

    Intro to The Running Man (as a side note, can you believe arnold was in a movie like that and then is complicit in media control of the population?)

  2. Matthew Avatar

    What country was it ?

  3. Velociman Avatar

    That was terrible. Ernie Pyle died in a war zone like that.

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