also from Mother Jones:Not only

also from Mother Jones:

Not only do an untold number of US organizations doctor photographs to include African Americans, but in most of those cases, the black person in the photo is the exact same guy. We paged through the yearbooks of more than 30 US universities, all of which have been practicing de facto racial exclusion for decades[and] noticed an oddly familiar photo reappearing throughout our search. We pressured the schools to identify the ubiquitous mystery man. His real name: Dexter Roundtree. Roundtree, as you might guess, never attended any of those schools. They were just a few of his ever-expanding list of “clients.” Roundtree has made a fortune lending his image to those in a pinch for a black face. In an exhaustive search of political campaign posters, bank-loan brochures, and “Employee of the Month” plaques from Fortune 500 companies, we found his affable mug no fewer than 6,500 times. “I’ll make Denny’s look like the goddamn Freedom Train if you give me the chance,” boasted Roundtree, who granted us an interview from his mansion in Greenwich, Conn. “I’ll turn Jesse Helms into Harriet Tubman.”






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