Along Came Polly

Along Came Polly was a lot better than I suspected it to be. I remained a hardened realist in the face of romantic media and the notion that I’m not complete until I find the perfect, one-and-only soulmate to make me reach rapture. I think that’s foisted on us to support Hallmark greeting card sales. The movie is supported by a fantastic cast – Stiller and Aniston are great in their roles but there’s also a gaggle of supporters including Hank Azaria, Alec Baldwin and Debra Messing.

I was expecting the film to have a lot more gross-outs in it. The previews showed that blind ferret running into walls – that and a instantaneous Baldwin-fart joke seemed slapped into the movie in order to get guys to go with their girlfriends. Every movie in this vein since Something About Mary always have to have some sort of small mammal injury or happenstance.

I also contest the virtues of being a free spirit. Jennifer Aniston’s character never plans anything, never commits to anything and can never make a single damned decision. That’s cute for maybe two minutes. But not the sort of person you want deciding if they should turn off your ventilator.

Note that Ben’s hairstyle allows his monkey ears to stay covered – he looks much less simian in this movie than in past outings.