All Things Being Equal

Got measured at the gym today.

Weight is up to 184# with body fat up 19% (from 17.8% a month ago).

Gained 4 pounds of muscle since last month (8 pounds since mid December). So 4 pounds of muscle and 4 pounds of fat.

Shoulders wider by 1 inch to 50 inches.

Thigh up another half inch to 20 inches.

Calves 1/4th inch thicker. Yay!

Probably eating pasta and Oreos last night may have made me more bloated than Karl Rove on a muffin rage.






5 responses to “All Things Being Equal”

  1. Dick Avatar

    Nice wide shoulder. Which gym do you goto?

  2. David Avatar

    Congratulations, I guess…,

  3. sam Avatar

    Andy, you’s a big strong man. :-X

  4. JB Avatar

    I know how to do various measurements from this book I’ve got, but how do you measure the shoulders? As in from where to where, around what? Where? How? Which bits? etc.

  5. Andy Avatar

    Usually the widest point. Arms down, tape measure around the shoulders, above collarbone. It isn’t best measure I think since the shoulders have the three parts and growth in the upper back is also included in this equation.

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