After 4 Years of Torture/Custody Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Says He Planned It All

Does anyone remember how the Khmer Rouge would kidnap entire villages and the torture people until they confessed to whatever the torturers wanted to hear including naming others – then they’d go get the named individuals and torture them until they confessed to something else… torture is a downward spiral. It doesn’t work. It is a snake that eats itself until eventually someone says ‘Wow! We’ve tortured everyone – there’s no one left – we’ve even tortured the torturers – this is pretty crazy you guys – um – my bad.’

And after four years Khalid Sheikh Mohammed remains untried and unconvicted.

The alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks has admitted his role in them, and 30 other plots in a hearing at Guantanamo Bay, the Pentagon says. “I was responsible for the 9/11 operation, from A to Z,” said Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a partial transcript from a closed-door hearing.

So who the fuck is this Bin Laden guy?

Osama Bin Who? Jihadist-says-what?

According to the partial transcripts, he also admitted responsibility for a series of attacks, including the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York, the bombing of nightclubs in Bali in 2002 and a Kenyan hotel in the same year.He claimed responsibility for the failed attempt by the so-called shoe bomber, Richard Reid, to bring down an American plane. He also listed a string of plots that never came to fruition, including plans to attack Heathrow Airport, Canary Wharf and Big Ben in London, to hit targets in Israel, and to blow up the Panama Canal. He also claimed to be behind plots to assassinate the late Pope John Paul II and former US President Bill Clinton, the transcript said. He mentioned the killing in Pakistan of kidnapped US journalist Daniel Pearl – which he has been accused of carrying out personally – but it is not clear whether he was admitting responsibility.

I think they put a big checklist in front of him and he reached through the waterboarding and smeared his own blood on each box to indicate this.

However, when asked whether his statement was produced under duress, he said it was not.

Oh good. He wasn’t under duress when he confessed to the above and certainly wasn’t under duress to say that he wasn’t under duress.

And it looks like he confessed to all of this years ago.

So why is it on the front page again.

Little Piggy Rove knows what’s going on.

And it if did take 6 years of torturing to extract the truth – are we really that bad at interrogation?






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