A Heart of Gold With Confidence to Back It Up

Not a week goes by that some Redditor laments being caught in the-‘friend zone’ with a female love interest. A Reddit0ette debunks:

“We don’t want assholes. I don’t think there’s many girls who wake up and think “gee golly, I hope I find myself an asshole today!” We’re just attracted to confidence. Unfortunately, a lot of assholes are (good at acting) confident, and a lot of nice guys aren’t. …. If nice guys would stop living in this great big bubble of irrational fear, you would see a hell of a lot more of us dating them. But they rarely do. They’re “too shy,” or they’re “too insecure” to ask us out, and won’t tell us or give us any indication they’re attracted to us if they want us to. …  The best combination? A heart of gold with confidence to back it up. I want a guy who’s happy with who he is, and who will not feel shame or fear for acting as he is, who is able to get done what he wants to get done and change what he can change and accept what he can’t, who is able to support himself and be happy with himself. There’s nothing more attractive than just losing that damn fear and being content with your own company.”

 How do I meet a girl who would actually appreciate my advances?.






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