99% Doesn't Hate Success

“The 99% doesn’t hate success. On the contrary, they want the 1% to do well. They don’t want the 1% to do well at the cost of the 99%. Most likely, you are one debilitating sickness away from total financial ruin. If you are not self-employed, you are one round of layoffs or one branch closing away from unemployment. Your grandparents, your parents, maybe you yourself collect Social Security, benefit from Medicare, possibly Medicaid, drive on roads paid for with tax money, probably went to a public school and/or state university, same goes for your children and grandchildren if you have any. Whether you like it or not, you are brothers in arms with these 99%. You contribute to the system so long as you have work and you benefit from it. Sure, there’s some bad apples in the 99%. Most of these people? They just want to work, know they’ll have life ahead of them if they get sick, and see the 1% willing to pitch in to the country and system which gave them the opportunity and freedom to rise to the top.”

Commenter on MetaFilter






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