54-Year Old's Life Decade by Decade

A fifty-four year-old Redditor sums up how he felt in every decade of his life so far:

“0-10 Wheeeee! Hot wheels! We are on the moon!!

“11-20 School is boring, but I learned that with a 40 hour a week job, you can survive. The fact that this is no longer true is a fundamental problem in American society.

“21-30 Girls are an awful lot of fun. Challenger explodes while I am employed by one of their subcontractors. Exploring my little part of the world. Completely self-sufficient.

“31-40 Holy shit, I’m a married homeowner with two kids! These years fly by, but I remember them fondly. Little kids are the best!

“41-50 The career that I’ve worked on my whole life dissolves before my very eyes. But, we survive. For the first time in my life, I get to vote for a president who I actually want to win, rather than the one I hate the least. Red Sox win WS – crack open the champagne!

“51-54 Re-evaluating my next 10-15 years, concentrating more on my children getting a decent start than anything else.”

Full thread where anybody can ask him anything

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