Friday Already

And it is Friday? Wow.

Wrote a third of book #2 on Tuesday’s ‘shut up and write’ day. Going to try and finish drafts of #2 and #3 by turkey day. Finished up another rousing run of Easy Bake Weblogs Wednesday.

I don’t think I’d had allergies on Monday when I was sneezing so much because the next day it all moved into my throat and ears. I had pretty bad cold. I sounded like death on my teleclass on Wednesday night but Tara said I did better because it forced me to go slow.

Prepping the Coachamatic relaunch. I think this will be fun to have a group blog that I’m not blogging on. We’re doing some fun tweaks to the templates – might be a good model to replicate. Glad to have Sharon on the case. And Jeff and Wendy are working out nicely as well.

Did back at the gym yesterday so I’ll have really good posture for the next day and a half. Ron and I noted that as we get older then men that we find sexy are older as well. I think it is because they become examples to us of staying vibrant, healthy and attractive as we age. Like Ron loves him some Jason Statham and I’ve been instructed to age like him as closely as possible.

Another discovery Ron and I made was shopping for suits on eBay. There’s some really nice clothes out there – I’m thinking I could be in Armani 24/7 baby and not break the bank.

I do a preview for a course next week that I’m working on about keywords research. I think it’ll be fun. We have a nice amount of people on the call and I hope we can double that before the call. I’d like to get about 20 people registered into the teleclass if possible.

I have to reseat my air conditioners – they look like they are leaking into the windowsill and into the wall – this building is old and the plaster is real plaster – not drywall so I’ve got a little veiny bubbling. Unfortunately my landlord saw it before I had a change to sand it down and fix it.

Yesterday Ron and I were coming home from breakfast and we went to my place and my apartment door wouldn’t open. The top lock was locked. I never ever lock it unless I’m leaving town. The bottom lock was fine and my key worked. But my key wouldn’t work in the top lock. I went up to the landlords (they just got back from a rollicking time in their homeland of Croatia) and the husband was out and the wife didn’t have the keys. This is all while my bladder is about to rupture from drinking so much water at the gym. So I’m having kidney failure while we wait. We got to the new tea shop that just opened – four doors from Intelligentsia and I relieve myself and we get some tea and wait for the husband to return. After an hour no dice. So I go back upstairs and the wife comes down and gets the lock to work just fine. The landlord had said he wanted to fix a washer in the toilet’s flushing mechanism so I’m hoping he’d come in to check it and had locked both locks behind him. That or the National Security Agency is on my back and they’ve got keystroke loggers on the computer and bugs in the smoke detector. Can you imagine if that happened to you – the whole unannounced search – you come in to your place and all your stuff is disheveled and no one can tell you what happened – yeek that would make my triple my meds.

The thing about all this airport security is that Ron – and probably anybody else you ask in the air travel industry – would have told you, ‘Ya know, you’re not checking the cargo, ya assholes.’ And they’d be right. It’s not that hard to find the gaps – just ask the people who work in airports every day. I still think it is totally idiotic that someone didn’t think to get chairs for people to sit on or tables for them to do their repacking. It’s like ‘we’re government so we don’t have to give a shit about customer sevice’ when if they do small concessions like this it helps keep people calm. The same thinking when you go into the DMV and it is somewhere underground like a bunker and everything is sterile and grey. If they had full spectrum lamps and maybe some plants it would really make it less uninviting. Oh and retrain the staff to not chew gum or be more condescending than necessary and not to scream at eachother over the desks. As we expect less and less in customer service we get less and less – especially with essential services where you have no other choice. Anyway, I’d be having a panic attack all day if I’d been in a packed airport like they showed on the telly.






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