20 Years After Soviet Era…

From Slavoj Zizek in the New York Times:

The new anti-Communism provides a simple answer to the question: “If capitalism is really so much better than Socialism, why are our lives still miserable?” … What these belated anti-Communists fail to realize is that the image they provide of their society comes uncannily close to the most abused traditional leftist image of capitalism: a society in which formal democracy merely conceals the reign of a wealthy minority…. This is why today’s China is so unsettling: capitalism has always seemed inextricably linked to democracy, and faced with the explosion of capitalism in the People’s Republic, many analysts still assume that political democracy will inevitably assert itself. .. What if democracy is no longer the necessary and natural accompaniment of economic development, but its impediment?

via Op-Ed Contributor – 20 Years of Collapse






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