2 Years

It was two years ago today that I had dinner at Joy’s Noodles with a hot hunky asian guy. Little did we know that we’d still be having dinner together two years later. As I’ve said before – the first and only time I’ve ever just walked up to a guy and asked him out. Ron was at the Caribou Coffee shop and I was doing some writing. He walked in, I saw the eyes, I saw the arms… and then tried to figure out a way to go talk to him. Luckily he was reading Margaret Cho’s book which I’d just finished. He later said that as I was walking up to him he’s saying in his head: ‘Please say something… please say something…’ Heh heh. We’ve had some rough patches this year – exacerbated by our employment/fiscal flux but I think we’re both happy to be employed again.

He flew on Sunday for the first time since March. He came home and wouldn’t stop talking – plus, he got to work the flight from New Orleans to Chicago where all the circuit boys were coming home from Southern Decadence. He said he comped half the cocktails on the flight. I forget how Ron likes to play the bimbo. So funny.

Alrighty honey – here’s to us! Yay! We’re both surprised we’ve lasted this long. Now wake the hell up!

In other news – I finally got some paychecks and am once again able to not freak out too much over bills.






4 responses to “2 Years”

  1. razorhead Avatar

    congrats – hope there are many more.

    That is awesome… Congratulations.

    That’s practically 10 years in the straight world.

  2. zuke Avatar

    congrats…Just browsed through the journal and thought it’s very sweet to see two guys so much in love.

  3. Andy Avatar

    Thank you gents for your tidings!

  4. daniel Avatar

    hey Andy, CONGRATS, good for you, and here’s to many more years of sweet romance and living life with another to the fullest. 🙂

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