1930s Plans for US to Invade Canada, Mexico, UK

Floyd Rumin reports in Counterpunch of the 1930s contingency plans to invade just about anybody (should it become necessary). He compares those old plans to invade Mexico with the planing of the Iraq invasion:

In both plans, the goal is to seize control of another nation’s oil.

In both plans, there is a priority on protecting the oil production facilities from damage by the defending national forces.

In both plans, economic sanctions and blockade will weaken the nation prior to the U.S. invasion.

In both plans, Congressional authorization for war can be circumvented by presidential command and by twisting of words.

In both plans, propaganda will claim that the invasion is benevolent, intended to free the population from a bad government.







3 responses to “1930s Plans for US to Invade Canada, Mexico, UK”

  1. Lyle Lachmuth Avatar

    Well geez…the Canadian government of the 30s may not have been stellar.

    But, ‘bad’… like who defines bad?

    Like the current US government is “good”.. by what standard. Someone wise once said, “comparisons are odius!” — that a fancy word for stink.

    Signed, The cranky Canuck

  2. andrew (in London) Avatar
    andrew (in London)

    Incredibly in the 1920s the UK also had plans to invade the USA from Canada.

  3. JB Avatar

    It wouldn’t surprise me if every country has some vague plan somewhere to invade every other country. Good luck getting our oil – I don’t think we’ve got any left, have we?

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