12-Ft. Shielded Audio Cable

I was gritching to my coach that I need to do another round of ‘nesting’. I got some audio extension cords and I now have the speakers for the computer speakers spread out in the apartment. One in the corner behind me and one in the little room before the loo. It really spreads the sound out and gives it a warmer feel.

Now I need a couch.

And some color. This place is too beige/white.






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  1. th0m Avatar

    You know I did a lot of digging because I have my computer running xlobby and some other remote-control type stuff in order to watch movies, control bittorrent, check the weather, rss feeds, etc from the couch.

    I’ve had a lot of luck with of all things CAT5… like for component av cables! Works fine, just wire up the RCA connector ends. I’ve heard for long audio runs you should go balanced, but going between balanced and unbalanced can get expensive.

    My biggest problem with all of these electronics hooked togther, on different circuits in the house, has been ground loops and humming. For the most part, it’s the cable TV system that has a different ground. So, that is easily fixed with a 1:1 transformer, which can be hacked up using two opposing TV rabbit-ear adapters hooked in parallel… (coax -> leads -> terminals -> coax)… and that isolates the ground!

    Okay… sorry for the AV nerd stuff, but its actually pretty basic stuff compared to my buddy’s decked out stereo in his truck.

  2. Andy Avatar

    I know I’m a heretic – but I really don’t mind the occasional spit and spurts my cellphone causes my computer sound system. I’m sure you’ll think I’m straight from the trailer because the contacts are gold-plated. I might wire that speaker behind me into the bedroom for apartment-wide coverage.

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