10% Yankee

According to this American English slang test:

  • 65% General American English
  • 20% Dixie
  • 10% Yankee
  • 5% Upper Midwestern
  • 0% Midwestern

That’s strange. I should be 100% midwestern. I even answered that I sometimes say ‘y’all’.



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4 responses to “10% Yankee”

  1. myke Avatar

    there’s an overwhelming sense i’m feeling that i’d score much higher in the dixie range. i wonder why.

  2. John Avatar

    Well, ya know that y’all is definitely a southernism. The midwesterners were probably exposed to the contagion by those of us who escaped. That probably accounts for half of your 20% Dixie right there. 🙂
    Strangely enough my scores are very similar and I grew up in NC. 60% General, 25% Dixie, 10% Yankee, 5% Upper Midwest.

  3. Kris Avatar

    I’ve taken this test before and scored less Dixie than you (and I’m an Arkansas boy at heart), but I agree that y’all is a Southern term. My friend Kelly, who is from Chicago but went to college with me in the South, picked up y’all there and continues to use it, to the derision of her Midwestern friends. It’s just so useful and more graceful than the Chicagoan “you guys” or “youse guys.” In fact, y’all is usually my one giveaway to folks who otherwise don’t hear my Southern accent.

  4. Latinparanoia Avatar

    Where is this test?

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