10 Baseballers Gang-Rape 17-Year-Old Woman Leaving DNA Evidence and Eye Witnesses = Insufficient Evidence

From Mother Jones:

The rape occurred March 3 at a wild, off-campus party hosted by a member of the DeAnza College men’s baseball team in San Jose, California. Three partygoers, members of the school’s women’s soccer team, said they saw a young girl on a mattress on the floor, clothes around her ankles and vomit on her face, with one man on top of her and approximately 10 more looking on in a dark bedroom. Feeling “something wasn’t right,” the girls pushed their way into the room and rushed the victim the the hospital. In the months since the rape, a grand jury has taken testimony in the case, DNA samples from some partygoers have been obtained, yet an assistant district attorney cited “insufficient evidence” as the reason the DA would not prosecute.






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