Xy McX

Your assignment for this week is to use an expression of the structure:

(x + “y”) + (“Mc” + x).

as in:

Trolly McTroll (just used on The Daily Show)
Snarky McSnark (seen on Metafilter)
Shiney McShine (Simpsons)

You can also add an ‘-a-lot’ suffix to the first word as in:

Snarky McSnark-a-lot

A third suffix is ‘-pants’ as in:

Ranty Mc Rantypants (seen on Metafilter)

A final variation is to deviate from the Mc prefix and go with Von as in

Ranty Von Rantypants.

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  1. One of Hensley‘s many nicknames is Mayor McPoop. I know that doesn’t count, but it’s cute. He’s also known as Sir Poops-a-lot.

    My coworker’s cat’s nickname is Bitey McBiteson.

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