Ron and I realized that it is a month until pride weekend which is often a deadline for getting in the best shape possible. I’m wrestling with if I should focus on cutting up or bulking up. I’ll probably go for getting leaner. Just got back from the gym and had a good workout – doing a mostly all squat rack workout – alternating squats, curls, standing military and then doing dumbell fly and then the pulldown machine. I wanted to design a workout where I can be at the squat rack the whole time and just go from exercise to exercise. I’m thinking:

single leg split squat/military press

Then the machines

pull down machine/back extension
dumbell fly

Though I could do bent over row while I’m at the rack along with a barbell shoulder raise.

Decisions, decisions.

If you had told my allergy-suffering non-athlete self that I’d actually know the ins and outs of weight-training 15 years ago, I’d think you were crazy.

What is good is doing consecutive sets gives you a cardio benefit – with out the pounding running might do. I’m thinking I might give yoga another go as well. I feel like I need to really immerse in my body again – I’m doing so much head work lately and I need to really get sensate.

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  1. Hmmmm are you telling me that 15 years ago, you weren’t as hot as you are now? Hmmm… I think I’d like to see you at a comfortable medium.. lean and ripped, but yet with some size =)

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