VA Cuts Off Soldier’s Benefits: You’re Dead

And she answers ‘no I’m not dead’:

The V.A. approved her for 10 percent disability, but two months ago, her $115 monthly checks stopped coming. She called the Army for an explanation. “And I called them because it wasn’t there and they said, ‘You’re dead,’ and I said, ‘No, I’m not dead.’ And they kept trying to tell me I was dead but I’m not,” said Kohlhagen. Kohlhagen said it only took a couple of days for the V.A. to realize she was, in fact, alive. That was a couple months ago. Her checks still aren’t coming. It’s $115 a month she said she really needs.

Yes folks, $115 a month to a ‘wounded warrior’ because we support the (living, breathing, able-bodied, deployed, obedient) troops (not the wounded, dissenting, traumatized, shellshocked and poor).

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