The Super-Rich Have a Debt to Society

From the UK’s Guardian:

The super-rich have a responsibility to the morale of society and also – more acutely – to the environment. The spending of these newly acquired fortunes on private planes and helicopters for instance, or on the construction of golf courses, such as the one planned for the rich by Clint Eastwood on the Monterey peninsula, represents a great menace to the environment. None of this is alleviated by the suspicion that these fortunes are generated by financial alchemy rather than by business – ie, making or supplying something which is useful.

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One reply on “The Super-Rich Have a Debt to Society

  1. “Financial alchemy”? Is that like the housing market, i.e. fiddling the figures so that an unaffordable house is suddenly “affordable” by not actually paying off the capital? Or more like the suspiciously low amount of taxes the rich apparently pay?

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