Thanksgiving Report Out

(from the Thanksgiving trip – written on Thursday, November 24)

We drove out to my aunt and uncle’s house out in the countryside and a few relatives as well. Then we
rode out to the long term care center where my grandmother lives and met up with another set of relatives – these from my mom’s side.

When you have any job that has any connection to computers, people assume you can fix their hardware. It is sort of like how doctors always get questions at cocktail parties about different maladies and afflictions. This time, my grandpa wanted to know why his NetZero account wasn’t working – he mentioned an error message regarding DLLs and I knew that it was probably hopeless. He kept changing ISPs which might be the problem as well.

Came home and had some apple pie and ice cream and chocolate chip cookie dough. The cookie dough was because I thought the canister of cookie dough was cookie dough ice cream. So I remedied the situation by putting a few spoons of cookie dough on top of the vanilla ice cream.

Ron’s mom and brother came to his place and she brought the turkey and Ron cooked the rest. He was able to get off for the weekend.

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  1. I recently fixed my neighbours computer and it had so many dll error messages I wonder what on earth they’d been doing with it. The only thing that worked in the end was a complete reinstall.

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